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The Price of Chinese Solar Panels

Chinese solar panels are something that anyone interested in investing is solar panels needs to look at. Most people do not know that Chinese companies who produce solar panels do so at a very cheap rate. One particular company called Solarfun Power Holdings makes panels in which the cost is a great deal less that its European competitors. A German company called Schott AG makes the panels at a thirty five percent higher cost that the Chinese company mentioned above. For example a 200 watt capacity panel is for sale for 397 euros from the Chinese company while the European company is charging 611 euros. This has caused an increased import rate from China into other countries in recent years.

Government Funding Has Helped

Chinese solar panel companies have been helped a lot by their government. The government gave the producers of the panels loans that totalled over $20 billion in the last year alone. Producers from other countries donít have access to funds like these and must use other routes to obtain funds.

The Ones to Beat

For many reasons Chinese solar panels are considered the ones to beat in this industry. Many consider that they will be the winners in the long term since they are able to produce quality products at a low price, and it doesnít look like this will be changing any time soon. Their numbers in terms of orders have increased over the past year; in fact they have almost doubled the amount of orders taken. The reason for this is that they have been able to keep their prices low whilst also increasing the quality of their products. Low multiples are supposed to be of great value and this is something that they Chinese solar panels producers have right now- this means that they all offer growth stocks. They are continuing to outdo the rest of the world and have state of the art equipment that other countries such as Germany donít have. All of this helps them to produce solar panels at minimal cost.

This is all good news for China, however the firms in the western world are suffering greatly- they are losing market shares and doing so very fast. They are always looking to try and cut the cost of production but there is no way to do it as much as the Chinese. Germany is the leader in term of the European solar panel market but even they are starting to feel the pressure from China.

If you are interested in investing in solar panels then you would be very wise to check out Chinese solar panels because it seems that they are only going to continue to profit. Most people are not aware of this and therefore if they want to invest in solar panels they will go with other companies, but the Chinese solar panels are the ones that you should check into. You can be sure to get a high quality product at a low price.

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