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Fitting Solar Panels

Introduction to Fitting Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best ways to save energy, although they are still quite expensive. In addition to this, a lot of people do not know much about solar power and have a lot of misconceptions about the subject. Owing to this fact, the number of people who use solar panels in the UK is still relatively small. On the other hand, constant improvements regarding solar panels make the idea of saving energy and a lot of money by buying and fitting these panels worth considering. As soon as people learn more about solar panels and the benefits of using them, they will become more commonly used and the prices will be lower.

Fitting Solar Panels – DIY or Hire a Professional

Fitting solar panels usually takes a couple of days and the prices for fitting them are rather high. This is one of the reasons why people opt for fitting the solar panels themselves. However, the process of fitting solar panels is more than just following the instructions, which can be found on a number of web sites. It requires some basic knowledge about wiring and electrics, as well as knowing how to fit the panels in order to make them efficient enough. If the solar panel is not fitted correctly it will not give optimum results, which means that it will be less efficient or not efficient at all. This is why it is advisable to hire a professional, regardless of the price. The professionals are fully skilled for fitting solar panels, which is why they will perform the task in no time and what is more important, the task will be done properly.

Different Ways of Fitting Solar Panels

There are two different ways of fitting solar panels to people’s roofs. The first one includes fitting a solar panel to the surface of the roof, whilst the other way requires building the solar panel into the roof. Fitting a solar panel on the surface of the roof is much cheaper than building it into the roof, as it requires less work and less time.

Fitting Solar Panels - Positioning

There are a few important things people should pay attention to regarding the position of the solar panel. It needs to be set in the most ideal position in order for it to be efficient. Here are the two most important tips for placing the panels:
  • Direction – solar panels should always face south, because of the sunlight needed.
  • Trees – it is advisable to avoid fitting solar panels near any trees, as they may cast a shadow over the panels, thus make the panels less efficient.

Fitting Solar Panels Safely

The process of fitting solar panels should be done with great caution, as it can be very dangerous if not done properly or without protective equipment. It is advisable to wear protective clothing, protective footwear, safety ropes and any other protective equipment. If this task is done without professional help, it is of great importance for people not to fit solar panels alone, especially if they do not have enough knowledge on the subject.

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