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Introduction to Free Solar Panels

Most people have very strong opinions when it comes to free things, as they feel that there is no such thing as free anything. However, this is not always true. It is a fact that people are given many things for free, although cynics will argue that air is the only free thing we are getting. Time has come for electricity and heating to be also free, in a way.

Since last year, there has been an increase of companies in the UK that are offering free solar panels to anyone who wants to apply. Although this might sound unbelievable at first, it is in fact possible to have free solar panels installed on your roof without spending even a penny.

Free Solar Panels Is It Really Possible?

There is a simple answer to this question, and the answer is positive. Basically, anyone can apply to get free solar panels from many different companies offering this kind of service all over the UK. Naturally, people will need to have a suitable roof in order to get these famous free solar panels and not everybody will be accepted. In fact, the roof must be perfect in order for the company to accept the application. Having a perfect roof is not as easy as it seems. The roof has to be big enough; no trees or buildings should overshadow the roof; the pitch should be around 40 degrees and the roof should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the solar panels.

Free Solar Panels How Does the Deal Work?

In a word, people should be aware of the fact that the companies which offer free solar panels do not do it to lose, but rather to make money - there always seems to be a catch. The catch is that people who get these free solar panels cannot enjoy their full benefits. Namely, the companies use the Fits system (Feed in Tariffs) in a way that gives them the opportunity to earn profits, and people who have free solar panels installed use the electricity produced during the day.

This results in approximately 30% lower electric bills, which sounds fantastic when people first think about it. However, people end up not making any money, and the money that can be made is rather serious. For example, with the Fits system, companies will make anywhere between 900 and 1,450 per year, which turns out to be a lot of money if people are aware that this money is given over a period of 25 years.

Free Solar Panels Are They Good or Bad?

The answer to the question is also simple. Anyone who does not have the money to install solar panels should try to get these free solar panels. Many people cannot afford to spend 12,500, which is the cost of an average solar panel system, and those who think that they will not be able to afford in the near future really do not have any other options. On the other hand, families who can take out a loan should definitely think about it, simply because any solar panel system will pay the loan back in 10 years or so. After the ten years have passed, all the money earned from Fits is pure profit.

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