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Heating Solar Panels

Introduction to Heating Solar Panels

In this day and age, people are constantly searching for ways to cut their expenses and save as much money as possible. When it comes to heating, central heating systems, which are installed in most of the houses in the UK, have proven to be the least energy efficient. On the other hand, electric heaters are very energy efficient, as they successfully provide heat only to certain areas instead of the whole house, thus lowering electrical bills. Another way of providing warmth to people’s homes and working areas is a heating solar panel.

What Are Heating Solar Panels?

A heating solar panel is used to provide up to 95% of heat to the area and it can be used as the main source of energy. On the other hand, these solar panels can sometimes produce considerably less energy and therefore they can be used as an additional source of energy as well.

Types of Heating Solar Panels

When it comes to what types of heating solar panels there are, panels can be used in two different ways: to heat up air and to heat up water.
  • Water heating solar panels - this system of solar heating uses solar panels to collect the heat of the sun in order to warm up water.
  • Air heating solar panels – this solar panel system is not very complex, and it uses solar energy to collect the warmth and heat up the air in the house.

How Do Heating Solar Panels Work?

In essence, all solar systems use the same principle in producing whatever they produce. Photovoltaic solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity, while heating solar panels use sunlight as well, but they produce heat which is then used to warm up water or air.

Water heating solar panels are most commonly used as an additional source of water heating, rather than the sole source of water heating. However, it is possible to use it even as the sole source of water heating, as long as there are enough solar panels fitted to the roof of the house. Air heating solar panels are also used as an additional source of heating, as they can provide enough heat only during the summer months, when heating is not necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Heating Solar Panels

The advantages of using heating solar panels are plentiful and most of them are obvious. For example, it is obvious that using this system of heating is far more environmentally friendly than other systems of heating. Besides being green, heating solar panels are also practical, considering the fact that they provide people with an additional source of water and air heating all year round. Also, heating solar panels give people the opportunity to save a handsome amount of money on electric bills.

However, there are some disadvantages of using heating solar panels, as well. One of the most important disadvantages is the fact that it takes a lot of money to be invested in order for people to buy and install good and efficient heating solar panels. Although it is a fact that it will prove to be a wise financial move, many people simply cannot afford to install heating solar panels.

All in all, there are far more advantages than disadvantages, and anyone who can afford it is advised to opt for heating solar panels.

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