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Introduction to Large Solar Panels

There are many different types of solar panels. There are PV solar panels, heating solar panels, portable solar panels, pool solar panels, mini solar panels and large solar panels. All of these types have their respective usages, advantages and disadvantages. The fact is that they are all the same in one way, and different in many other ways. They all use sunlight and convert it into something else, but they are all used for different purposes.

For example, a pool solar panel or a mini solar panel would be useless for trying to heat a house. On the other hand, portable solar panels are great for all sorts of vehicles, but they would not be the perfect solution for providing enough energy to power all the electrical appliances in an average household. Because of this, there are many different types of solar panels which are all used for specific purposes and they are made in a way that gives them the chance to give optimum results in certain situations. One of the types that are used for producing great amounts of energy is large solar panels.

What are Large Solar Panels and What Are Their Benefits?

Large solar panels are panels that are 50 Watts and up. They are used in both domestic and commercial purposes, as they can produce more electricity than smaller solar panels. Large solar panels are used in places where smaller ones cannot do the job, meaning that they cannot produce enough energy. Large solar panels produce more energy simply by having larger panel areas, thus more solar cells. During the years, solar cells have become bigger and bigger, allowing them to soak up more sunlight and produce more energy. Modern solar cells are 15.2 cm big, and they evolved from solar cells that were 10 cm big or even smaller.

The main benefit of large solar panels is the fact that they produce more energy. Also, it is far cheaper to buy fewer large solar panels than a great number of small solar panels.

Large Solar Panels Where to Buy Them and How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to large solar panels, it is safe to say that they can be bought on most websites and in most stores that sell solar panels. Due to the fact that they are large, it is best that they are installed by trained professionals, in order to avoid any unwanted mishaps. As far as the prices go, here are some examples of large solar panels that can be bought online:
  • Navitron a website that offers many different types of equipment and gadgets related to solar power. For instance, a 235W Framed Romag PV Panel with the dimensions 1640 x 994 x 46 mm, weighing 21 kg will cost you 521.70 including VAT.
  • My Solar Shop a website where a wide variety of solar power equipment can be found. For example, a 230W Yingli Solar Panel weighing almost 20 kg will cost you 613.03 including VAT.

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