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What are RV Solar Panels and How do they Work?

RV solar panels are photovoltaic panels that are mounted on top of RVs to convert the energy from the sun into usable electricity. In the past, RV owners did not have this type of solar panel to produce the kind of energy necessary for recharging their devices and appliances. Instead, they were either using gas generators for power, or they had to pay for getting an electrical connection in the locations where they stopped. These energy providing methods had daily costs and caused quite large expenses in the long run. RV solar panels are a great alternative, being available in various sizes to charge anything from small batteries to high wattage appliances such as TVs, microwaves and fridges.

The Advantage of Using RV Solar Panels

RV solar panels are the perfect way for providing electricity in whatever location you’re at, including places that do not permit the usage of generators. By having these solar panels mounted on top of your RV, you can acquire the much needed electric energy no matter how remote the location where you stopped. They can also provide it during cloudy days due to the battery backup that stores extra energy.

RV solar panels are durable over time, being designed to resist various shocks and weather changes. They are available in different sizes for various recharging needs, from 10 watts to over 130 watts. Some are made to be permanently fixed, whilst others comprise powerful suction cups that allow RV owners to detach them for maintenance work and then mount them back.

If you cannot afford to purchase RV solar panels with a higher wattage, you can always connect two photovoltaic panels together to raise the potential of solar energy to the maximum and increase the performance of the solar conversion. RV solar panels are not only very eco-friendly, but they also do not emit any kind of noise, so you can sleep in the vehicle with all doors and windows open without being disturbed by the panels.

The Price of RV Solar Panels

Unfortunately, RV solar panels with elevated wattages are pretty expensive, costing about £400 for a 125 watt RV kit and above that amount for higher wattages. Despite their not so affordable price, RV solar panels are much more cost-efficient in the long run, so they are must-have products when it comes to generating energy for your recharging purposes.

No matter what size of shape you’d require, there are plenty of retailers selling this type of solar panels, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the exact features you’d need in such a unit. If you want to make sure you’ll make a wise and fairly priced purchase, go online and verify the availability of your desired model and the price range offered by various sources. Making an online buy might also get you some profitable discounts, so take your time to assess the offers before picking the final RV solar panel kit.

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