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Solar electric panels in the UK

Solar panels UK are an important method of delivering electricity to many UK areas. Solar electric panels are commonly used where electricity is required but there is no easy way to lay the required cables to connect the property to an electricity grid, for example remote areas or islands.

In space many satellites run on solar electricity and have done so for a lot of years. This allows them to harness the suns power to run their complex equipment and computers.

Solar electric panels can be set up and function in a variety of ways. It is common for solar electric panels to be joined together collecting more energy from the sun and generating more electricity. This versatility allows businesses and homes to use the solar electric panels to meet the requirements of their energy demands. Because solar electric panels are increasing in technology all the time the future for solar power looks bright.

It now possible for an average sized house to run just off solar electricity panels.

The prices for setting this up however are quite prohibitive for the average person. However with the increase in technology comes the lowering of prices, this will soon make solar power an affordable an efficient alternative to normal grids. Solar electricity panels, when installed will reduce your future energy bills.

7 Facts about solar panels in the UK

1. Can solar electric panels run my central heating system?
Solar electric panels can assist your hot water tank in maintain hot water.

2. Are all roofs suitable for solar panels?
Most are, but some will not be. It depends on the position of your roof to the sun, and the size and access to your roof. If your house is listed you may need to get planning permission.

3. I am confused there are a lot solar panel systems in the UK, what is the best to go for?
There is no answer for this, the type of panel best will depend on numerous factors; the size of your roof, the position of your house, the way you use electricity, the amount of electricity you consume. I would recommend discussing your requirements with a solar panels supplier.

4. I am good at DIY can I install the solar panels myself or do I need them to be specially fitted.?
We do know of many successful people that have installed their own solar panels, however most people require the skills of specialist solar panel fitters to do the solar panel installing.

6. Can I really generate electricity using solar panels?
Yes, this very achievable. Many people use solar panels in the UK to generate a substantial portion of their electrical requirements.

7. Do I need planning permission to install solar panels on my roof?
No you do not need planning permission unless your building is listed.

How Electric Solar Panels Work

There are quite a few systems take are currently available to harness the suns power.

The main method of harnessing the suns power is to use a photovoltaic panel. This panel converts the suns light directly to electricity. Photovoltaic panels have been around in the UK for a while now and their use is becoming more and more popular. The UK has progressed from simple panels that power small calculators to the current trend of photovoltaic panel being used as roof tiles that are able to harness the power in sunlight. This sunlight can be used by the photovoltaic roof tile as electricity.

In the UK solar panels became more popular in the 1980s. Since then, due to falling and rising fossil fuel prices, its popularity had waivered. Now however with the rising oil and gas prices solar panels are again rapidly regaining their popularity. People are using solar panels to save money on their electricity costs.

In the UK local councils have begun to make grants available for helping assit with the cost of going green, this has helped many home owners turn to using the benefits of renewable energy.

The advantages of electric solar panels

The sun has energy that is readily available for using. By using solar roof panels it can be harnessed and provide a house with sustainable energy in the form of electric from solar panels. The solar panels in current production are very easy to install. Their costs are falling as the benefits they provide are increasing.

How much do solar panels cost?

Initial installation is costly however grants are now more readily available and the saving you can make on your electric bills are considerable, and will soon add up to more than pay for themselves.

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