Solar Panels UK

Solar Heating Panels UK

The UK is Using more Solar Heating Panels

In the UK using solar heating panels to heat your water is now steadily on the rise. This is due to the rising oil and gas prices around the world.

Solar Heating panels UK are designed to collect sunlight to provide a house or buildings heat. Currently in The UK using a good hot water solar panel system you should be able to achieve a level of around a third your annual hot water supply to come from solar energy. This saving will soon add up over the coming years, especially as oil and gas prices continue to rise.

Many people are utilising both solar electricity and solar heating in the UK to allow them to make considerable savings on their annual energy bills. This green energy will help you do your bit for the environment whilst saving money. Combining solar hot water panels with solar electricity panels will provide you with a very source cheap, clean, and renewable energy source for your homes. Combining these systems are the secrets to succeeding in reducing your energy bills.

In the past installing these solar heating and solar electric systems in the UK used to be expensive but prices for the systems has fallen rapidly. This combined with rising gas prices only adds to the reason for using solar panels

Solar Heating panels are usually made of solar thermal collectors. This is usually some sort of fluid that is able to move the heat from the panel to the place where it is to e used. A tank is often used to collect the heat for storage and latter use.

Solar heating panels are commonly used to heat; central heating systems, swimming pools, and under floor heating systems. Occasionally they are used for specialist applications within businesses.

Residential solar heating panels can be efficient enough to enable an average small hot water system to provide year long heat in the UK

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