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What are Solar Panels Batteries

Given the necessity of clean energy sources demanded by an increasing awareness of environmental issues, constant solar energy developments are made, encouraging people to reduce their energy consumption, give up conventional power generating options and consider purchasing solar panels which are used as inexhaustible, ecologic energy sources.

The solar panels do not charge appliances directly, but the batteries are the ones storing energy for supplying high current throughout the day. Solar panels are not reliable unless the system comes with batteries because the solar technology cannot work if the light from the sun is missing. So, during cloudy days, or in the evening and throughout the night, the solar panels batteries are the ones providing the energy for one’s home.

Solar panels provide a relatively small amount of energy for a wide period of time whilst the batteries can supply much higher currents needed for driving large appliances such as the television, but the time frame for that is significantly smaller of course.

Solar panels batteries are not only used to save energy consumption and supply the house with electrical energy, they are also used as a backup energy source in case the normal power supply shuts down in cases like extended power failures and bad weather.

What are Solar Panels Batteries Made of?

Solar batteries are becoming more and more popular, and their panels are often seen on building’s roofs or their outer walls. A typical solar battery consists of multiple photoelectric power generating elements that interact through a serial connection to obtain photovoltage. The solar cell is what converts the solar light directly into electricity, being the smallest unit comprised within the battery. Its level of conversion is quite high, providing almost continuous power at low operating costs without affecting the surrounding environment as other energy sources do.

Types of Solar Panels Batteries

There are two main categories of solar panels batteries: storage batteries that are used as fuel tanks for solar power systems for domestic purposes and the industrial type of batteries whose ‘strength’ is higher than the ones belonging to the first category. Storage batteries are used by homeowners to ensure the power for when the sun is not shining, and include RV or Marine batteries that are often purchased by people with smaller systems such as boat owners or campers. Other batteries from this category include regular or car type batteries which are not recommended because of their discharge process that causes internal damage and also, Golf Cart batteries which are rather popular, and are less expensive when it comes to supplying energy for small systems.

The industrial solar panels batteries are heavier, are perceived as Deep Cycle and generally consist of Lead Acid types that have significantly thicker internal plates which can hold numerous deep discharge cycles. When it comes to choosing your solar panels batteries, always consider what kind of appliances you are using to figure out what storage capacity is available from the battery.

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