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Solar Panels Electricity

Introduction to Solar Panels Electricity

Solar panels generate power by collecting the sunís rays and transforming them into a reusable form of electricity. Solar panels electricity depends on the size of the panel, thus, the bigger the solar panel is, the more energy is collected. Some of the electric power is consumed by appliances and devices in the house, whilst the extra energy is stored in a solar battery for future use. The solar panels electricity is sometimes mass produced, requiring a voltage regulator in order to control the flow of electric power and prolong the life of the battery.

The Output Voltage

When it comes to the electrical solar system, there are two different kinds available, one of which is independent and is called off-grid system, and the other centres solar panels which are connected to a regular utility grid, thereby being known as on-grid. Now both systems use the same kind of solar panels, which are usually 12v solar panels since this is the most common voltage and the standard battery is summed up to the same voltage amount.

Solar panels electricity may have different voltages as well, especially in the case of self-made panels. Also, homeowners can combine more than one panel to increase the voltage generated, and given the fact that the voltage of some batteries for off-grid systems ranges from 24 to 48 volts, the combination of several panels is advised so that it allows the batteriesí to charge.

Solar panels electricity needs to be generated according to the type of appliances that will be driven with the solar power. Again, the 12 voltage is the standard amount as numerous appliances run on 12V, so equipping your house with 12v solar panels and 12V batteries is the proper way to go.

Facts about Solar Panels Electricity

The power generated by solar panels is usually conjoined with other electric energy generating sources, as the percent of electricity provided by solar technology is relatively low. In fact, a solar panel system that would cover a full percentage of the homeís electricity consumption costs approximately £31.000.

Solar panels electricity is a green, inexhaustible energy that does not produce harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide or CO2. A regular photovoltaic system saves around 1 tonne of CO2 per year, so itís not surprising how popular solar energy is amongst people who are focused on the idea of environmental awareness.

Solar panels electricity is free since its generating system uses only the light from the sun. The initial installation is costly, but the future energy costs will be significantly reduced. If the solar panels electricity amount is too large compared to what your home requires, you can sell it back to the grid so that someone else can use it, helping you to make some extra money.

Is Solar Panels Electricity Right For You?

As long as your home has a wall or roof facing within 90 degrees of south, and it is not overshadowed by trees or other houses; and if youíre confident in the strength of your roof, there shouldnít be anything holding you back in case youíre thinking of acquiring solar panels. With the UK government also offering grants to anyone who chooses to install solar panels, now is a great time to install them.

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