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Introduction to Solar Panels Facts

The global economy has forced many people into bankruptcy, and some even into home foreclosure. The global recession has touched many individual's lives, so it is no surprise that people everywhere are trying to think of ways to ease the burden on their wallets. Learning about solar panels facts can help one understand the many benefits to him or her when these are installed in his or her home. There are several basic solar panels facts that everyone should know in case you decide that you would like to install them within your home. For instance, the ever-increasing costs of your electricity bills and the global economic crisis have both led to an increasing need for better, more efficient means of electricity delivery. The following are basic solar panels facts that will help guide you in making your decision.

Clean and Renewable Energy

For one thing, many people are going ‘green’ these days. Solar panels are a way of reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Energy from the sun is clean, green, and renewable. There is no pollution created by utilising solar energy. Cola fired electricity plants spew tons of pollution into the air every day. Solar energy is not only clean, but it is constantly there and provides a means of powering your home with much less electricity consumption.

The Make Up of a Solar Panel

Solar panels are built utilising the technology of solar cells. A solar cell is capable of producing a small amount of energy which, when combined with more cells, can be used to power all sorts of things, including your home. Solar panels make little to no noise at all and are virtually maintenance-free. You simply have to be sure that the panels are free of debris and that the glass has been cleaned. Feather dusters work great for this activity, as they will not scratch the glass-covered cells.

Where to Mount the Solar Panels

Most people mount solar panels on the roof of their home, but you can also mount them on posts out in your yard. Mounting on your roof is the best option and is the most common. Mounting on posts is okay too but there is more chance for damage mounting the panels on posts than there is when mounting them out of the way up on the roof.

Cost of Solar Panels

Solar panels will be the most expensive component when you convert your home to solar power. If you seek to replace all of the traditional electricity in your home with solar energy, be prepared to spend around £10,000. This is because to completely convert your home to solar power, you typically have to purchase around ten solar panels and each panel costs anywhere between £800 and £1000 or more depending upon the type and size of the solar panels you wish to use. The good news is that there are many governmental assistance programs that offer tax incentives to those individuals who choose to perform these renovations on their homes. There are even programs that will help you with the purchase of the solar panels in an effort to induce more individuals to convert.

Do some research and find what programs or assistance may be available for the plans you have for converting your home.

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