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Introduction to Solar Panel Grants

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular with people trying to become environmentally friendly and with people trying to find ways to save money. Solar panels not only help to reduce the cost of your electric bill but they also help to keep the environment in much better shape. Most people think that they canít afford to get solar panels no matter how cheap they are. What most people donít know is that when it comes to purchasing solar panels many local councils will offer some rebates and grants for those that are wishing to get solar panels. So what are solar panels grants and how do you get one?

Why Do they Give Grants?

Most people are a little confused about why the government would want to give rebates and solar panel grants just for using them. The answer is pretty simple, despite what some people think many governments are well aware of the fact that we have to cut our carbon emissions down and do so at a drastic rate and in a certain amount of time. This is to protect the planet as well as keep it so that people can still afford to have power in their homes and businesses. The fact that there are a number of reasons that a government will offer solar panels grants is enough of a reason for many people to believe them.

What Are Some Other Reasons?

So why else should you choose to purchase solar panels aside from for environmental reasons? Well the more panels that get installed, the more people are going to need to be employed to take care of them. So if governments help you to purchase panels you will more than likely be helping to create new jobs in your local area. This also means that the more panels that are sold, the more panels will need to be produced, thus creating more jobs and more hours for workers. This will also help to encourage the use of solar panels on a wider range bringing down the overall costs.

How Do I Get A Grant?

So what do you do if you want to try and get solar panels grants? Well there are steps that you need to take. If you go for getting a solar PV system installed then the government will pay you for the electricity that you produce. This is often known as feed in the tariff. This will mean that instead of getting a little bit up front then you will gain a lot over about twenty five years. This will prove to be more beneficial than just getting a small amount up front. That is if you can afford to wait for the money.

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