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Introduction to Solar Panels Manufacturers

Solar energy is used to collect energy from the sunís ray and convert that energy into a renewable source of energy. This renewable energy is transformed into electricity that is then used to maintain your household or business. This energy is collected by using solar panels that are placed onto the rooftop or outer wall of your house or business.

Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can be a rather simple task if you know what you are doing. If however, you are unsure of this process and do not want to take the chance of installing the solar panels yourself, there are many installers available that will come to your home or business and install the solar panels for you. But before you go shopping for solar panels or an installer you should gather a few facts together first.

First, you should learn some background on how solar panels work and what maintenance is involved in keeping solar panels is working condition. Then you should check with your governmental agencies and see if there are any solar grants available that you would qualify for. In most cases these grants have to be in place before you begin installing your solar panels, so you want to find out any information on this program before you go shopping.

Second, you want to know what the size of your rooftop is or any other location that you are considering for the solar panels. This information will be needed to know how many panels can fit into your designated space. You will also want to have an estimate of how much energy you are hoping to produce with your solar panels. This will help you ensure that the installation is going to give you the result you want.

Third, be sure to know your budgetary limits before shopping around. Installing solar panels can be very expensive and if you do not set a budget it can begin to add up very quickly. When getting an estimate from potential installers be sure to ask for an itemized quote because this will allow you to evaluate your budget and know exactly what is included in your price.

Now that you are ready to begin looking, you want to be sure that you select your panels from one of the authorized solar panels manufacturers. This will qualify you to the many benefits that the government offers you for installing solar panels.


There are many solar panels manufacturers to select from. There are several companies within the UK and many other European solar panels manufacturers who are now offering their products into the UK solar market. Some of the more popular solar panels manufacturers are Dulas, Segen, Solar Century and Waxman. Most of these manufacturers work through distributors who will be able to show you the entire selection of solar panels that are available from the different manufacturers.

If you work with an installer, he will probably have one or two solar panels manufacturers that he deals with and you will want to purchase from them. The most important factors in selecting the right solar panels are to be sure they have good reviews, come from a company that has been in the business for a while and comes with some form of a warranty.

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