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Introduction to Solar Panels Scotland

Solar energy is the process of converting the sunís natural and free energy into a renewable energy. This renewable energy can come in the form of electricity that is used to maintain your home or business or heat energy that is used to heat both the air and water in your home or business. The sunís energy is collected by using solar panels that are created with solar technology that allows the panels to collect and convert the sunís rays into the source of energy we use.

This solar technology can be used to supplement your current energy source or as a replacement source of energy. The benefits of installing solar panels are that they will dramatically help decrease your current electric and heating bills allowing you to gain back your investment over time. Another great benefit to solar energy is that it emits absolutely no pollution into the air and leaves no effects on the environment. This technology only uses what the sun provides for us naturally.

Scotland Going Green

Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the world and Scotland is a leader in the use of this environmentally safe technology. The energy market in Scotland is still developing and growing larger every year. Both the government and the people of Scotland understand the need to develop sources of energy that are cleaner and more efficient.

The government has put solar panels Scotland as an important part of the energy budget. The government has been looking for better ways to collect and use renewable energy to help make Scotland a greener region. They have set up many incentive programs that are geared toward helping their people use solar panels Scotland.

Money Benefits

The first cash benefit of having solar panels Scotland installed is that they will dramatically reduce you electric and/or heating bill. Whether you choose to use your panel as a supplemental source of energy or if you plan to replace your current energy source with solar panels, your other energy bills will decrease. This initial benefit will be seen on your first energy bill after you have installed the solar panels. The amount of savings depend on how large your solar panels are and how often you use them.

The government has also created a feed-in scheme that is designed to help deter some of the expense of having solar panels Scotland installed. This program works by making an annual payment to you for every unit of electricity produced by your solar panels. This amount is based on the amount of electricity you produce and not necessarily the amount of electricity you use. So the more electricity you produce the more you money you will receive back. This program will stay in effect for 25 years after installing the solar panels.

Recently the Scottish government has created solar grants to help people who want to install solar panels Scotland. The grants will assist with up to thirty percent of the costs involved in installing solar panels. There is a set maximum payment of four thousand pounds and certain requirement that need to be followed in order to receive that grant so be sure to contact an installer who understands how these solar grants work to be sure you get the right products.

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