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Are you thinking about installing solar roof panels on your home? If you are, there are some things you need to consider first. Itís not as simple as buying solar panels and installing them on your roof, although once you learn about the process, youíll find that itís not really that complex, either. There are just some decisions you need to make before you start shopping around for solar roof panels.

The first thing to do is have a solar roof company do an evaluation of your home. Most companies will do this for free, and having an evaluation done should not lock you into any contract with that company. Some roofs simply cannot support solar roof panels because the house does not have the correct structure to hold up the extra weight. Others donít get enough exposure to the sun, making a solar panel system less efficient and not really worth the money. The amount of power you use is another factor. If you draw a lot of electricity in a day, you may still need to stay on your local power grid. Your solar energy may end up only providing a small amount of your power. The local weather is also a factor. In places where it is overcast or rains a lot, solar energy wonít be quite as useful.

However, if your home is capable of supporting solar roof panels, you then have to decide which kind you want. There are three different types of panels, and while the cheapest may seem like the best option, it is also the least efficient at turning sunlight into energy. The most efficient panels, of course, are the most expensive. Many people choose to go with the middle option, which is both affordable and almost as efficient as the more expensive panels.

Formulating a budget for your solar roofing project is also an important step to take. Solar roof panels are not cheap; in fact, even though you may end up saving a lot of money per month on your energy bill, it can still take ten years or more for you to save enough to cover your initial investment. One thing to consider is to be sure your budget is large enough to purchase as many panels as you need and all of the other equipment that must go with them. Youíll also need to factor in the cost of hiring installers since installing solar panels really isnít something you can easily do yourself. You donít want to end up with too few solar panelsóif you canít generate enough energy to at least cut your power bill by half or more, it may not be worth the cost at this point in time. Instead, you may want to wait and save up more money so you can get all of the panels you need.

Once youíve got your solar roof panels up and running, you may see that you donít need to remain on your local energy grid at all. Some people choose to keep their connection to their local power grid just in case they do need a little extra energy, but some donít. It all depends on how much power you need in a day and how much your solar roof panels generate.

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