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Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Introduction to Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Swimming pools are becoming quite the trend in the UK, with more and more people realising the benefits of having a residential swimming pool. Swimming pools have some great benefits that include a means of relaxation, a fantastic form of cardio exercises and a great place to entertain. By having a swimming pool built in your own backyard, you will be able to reap the benefits of a pool every day.

If you already have a swimming pool or you are considering purchasing one, you certainly will want to be able to enjoy your pool as many days of the year as possible. Purchasing a heater to work with your pool is a great option that will allow you to get the most use out of your pool as possible. You may be concerned about how big of an increase a swimming pool heater will have on your current electric bill. To minimise this added cost to a reasonable amount, you should consider purchasing swimming pool solar panels.

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Swimming pool solar panels are used to capture the energy from the sunís natural rays in a solar collector. This energy is then converted into thermal energy or heat that is used to heat the water in the swimming pool. This water is continuously circulated through the pipes and allows for the entire swimming pool of water to be heated providing you with nice warm pool water.

These swimming pool solar panels can be placed on the roof of the house or on a permanent, sturdy structure. The panels must be placed in the right location, angel and direction that will allow them to absorb the most amounts of the sunís rays. Location of the swimming pool solar panels is a crucial part in determining how efficient your solar panels will work. Be sure to do the appropriate planning and calculating before installing your solar panels.

Swimming pool solar panels can work as a supplemental source of heat, as an addition to your existing swimming pool heating system. The solar panels will do the initial heating of the pool water and then your existing heater does not have to work as hard to heat the water up. This will allow you to see a great reduction in your electric bill because you current pool heating unit will not have to work as hard.

You can also allow your swimming pool solar panels to be the only source of heat and the unit will heat the pool water directly. By choosing this option, you will only have to provide power for your pump and controller. You will be able to see the greatest amount of savings on you electric bill with this option because your electrical use will dramatically be reduced.

Estimated Savings

Installing swimming pool solar panels can provide you with savings of up to seventy or eighty percent of your swimming pool heating expenses. It is estimated that you will see the amount of your investment and the savings received break even in about five years. You may qualify for a green grant to build swimming pool solar panels but only if you use a recognised accredited installer.

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