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Water Solar Panels

Introduction to Water Solar Panels

Nearly every home owner dreads getting the utility bills through the post every year. The hot water heater is normally the main reason as to why the costs are gradually increasing. Big differences can be made just by simply changing the temperature of the water by a few degrees. The best alternative to paying such high water costs is to install water solar panels. These solar panels are getting increasingly popular as more people are realising the many benefits that they offer.

The solar panels themselves are placed on the roof of a house and work by capturing the rays of the sun and then using it to heat the water in the cylinder. The cold water supply is connected to a storage tank of the water solar kit. The great thing about water solar panels is that you donít have to give them much attention at all. The system itself takes care of itself and problems are very rare.

Are they Worth it?

An average household can easily get the required hot water for the whole of the house just by using water solar panels. It is no surprise as to why they are becoming increasingly popular among home owners of all ages. There are now many options of the systems that are available but which one to choose depends heavily on what the needs of the house are. Due to the increase in the amount of people using solar energy, it has led to a 40% drop in prices.

Whatís the Cost?

The costs of a water solar panel system vary depending on size and the type of system that is going to be used. One thing to remember is that although there is an initial payment which will be for the installation, everything after is free. Thatís free hot water for a lifetime and no more high priced bills coming through the door. There are two main types of water solar systems, active and passive.
  • Active - These have a circulating pump and a temperature control. They use a small pump for circulation but they do not need a tank.
  • Passive - Unlike an active system, these have absolutely no moving parts. They do however require a tank but do not have a pump. These are also not as efficient as active systems but will last a lot longer and rely heavily on the fact that hot water rises and cold water falls.
In general, passive systems cost less than active systems coming in at around £900 at most whilst active systems can cost up to £3000.

Final Thought on Water Solar Panels

Water solar panels can supply up to 50% of the needed energy to heat water in an average household. Although the prices may seem high at first, it will only take about 4 years to have made that back from what money will have been saved from using the system and all the while being environmentally friendly to the atmosphere.

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