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Window Solar Panels

Introduction to Window Solar Panels

There is a constant search on in order to try and discover new ways and methods of generating energy from alternative sources. The truth is that fossil fuels are slowly running out and at some point we are all going to need to start implementing different ways of generating energy in to our households. Also using fossil fuels is sending huge amounts of dangerous gases in to the atmosphere which led to what we call global warming. Because of the amounts of fossil fuels that are being used, it caused the planet to hold in more heat than it really needs instead of allowing it to escape. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why more people are starting to use solar panels in and around their homes.

Window Solar Panels

Solar panels have been used for many different things and in many different ways in the past. The most commonly known are the solar panels that are seen on rooftops to generate electricity to a home or heat water. Now there is what is called window solar panels. It would be very hard to spot a house that is using solar powered windows as they look exactly the same as any other window. The only problem that has been found with this kind of solar panel is the fact that they are less efficient than the traditional solar panels but they are considerably cheaper in price.

Not everybody has the same income as the next person and many canít afford the kind of prices that are being asked for solar panels which make window solar panels a great alternative. They can also be cleaned with window cleaner and treated just like any other window of a building.

Solar Powered Window Fans

If the window solar panels are not an option then the next best thing is solar powered window fans to help decrease the energy costs of a home. By strategically placing a few window fans around the home it is possible to keep all rooms well within the comfort level.

A Few Tips to Consider with Solar Powered Window Fans

  • There is going to have to be at the very least two fans. The first is used for blowing the hot air out of a house whilst the other fan is used to draw the cooler air in to the house.
  • Work out which side of the house gets the least amount of sunshine. This is where the fan that draws cooler air in to the house needs to be placed.
  • If living in an area that gets hot sunshine daily then the fan blowing hot air out needs to be blowing all night long for maximum results.
  • First thing in the morning, all windows need to be closed in order to trap the cool air inside. It will be pointless drawing the air in only to let it immediately escape again. Once the house again becomes hot then switch the fans back on.

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